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The C-type embedded channel is composed of a C-shaped channel steel and at least two bolts or bolts arranged on the back of the channel steel. It has the advantages of small size, strong weight, convenient embedding, completely eliminating the problems of welding and corrosion prevention, and completely eliminating the potential fire hazards.It can be applied to the curtain wall of unit body to realize factory production and field bolting.

Compared with the original plate embedded parts, it can save 60% of the embedded parts' raw materials and 50% of the installation time.After many years of professional business development and accumulation, our department has become to pile wall galvanized metal material suppliers, special fastening component design, manufacturing, sales integration, curtain wall steel structure contractor builders, construction and repeatedly won the award and the government.

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Ⅱ.Key technique: 

Hot rolling forming: with the advantages of low internal stress and high dynamic bearing capacity.

Connection: adopt riveting to make the connection of products more solid and reliable.

Surface coating: polyalloy eutectic + special coating.The corrosion resistance of multicomponent alloys is very strong, while the coating has anti-corrosion effect, which can effectively prevent electrochemical corrosion.